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Have you ever imagined that your travel could be filled with unexpected scenes, encounters and experiences, like in the movies? Are you fed up with carefully coordinated guided tours? Are you just following guide books? We are the solution.
Bali Yok! project was founded by a passionate team of travelers. Bali Yok! aims to help travelers have a superior experiences rather than an ordinary travel experiences in Bali. The site try to help traveler in finding the best local guide, with no frills and no scam.
Most of our drivers are young local teenagers who just graduate or undergraduate student with an excellent English & love our own culture so much. so we can introduce u all about Bali in the best way

Locals Community

We didn’t call it Travel agency, we call it local community. Because we gather all the best local teenagers who know their area really well to be in our team

Excellent English

With the fresh graduate and undergraduate student, the drivers and guides come with an excellent English. So we can introduce you all about Bali in the best way

Educated Teenagers

Most of our Drivers & Guides are fresh graduate or undergraduate young local teenagers who love our own culture so much and didn’t want to burdensome our Parents

Creative Guides

We can help you to make a good travel footage like the videos & the pictures. So u can show off to your friends or family about your trip in Bali in a cool travel footage

About Bali Yok!

Welcome to Bali Yok! The best place to find what you should do & see while in Bali, with the guide from locals to enjoy Bali Island in Locals way.

Bali Yok! itself mean, we invite you guys to come to our amazing island 'Bali'. 'Yok!' in here mean 'come on!' in Indonesian slang words. so it's like 'come on, come to Bali!'

We created this community and run by ourselves based on our many years of experience traveling around Bali. Our tours contains much more sightseeing and place to visit than the common tours. We understand, recently traveler try to find their own way when they traveling, not the mainstream place to visit. That's why our loyal team contain of local guide who understand the area and know a lot about Balinese culture would try to show all the hidden local gems to our costumer. Without the fancy brand endorsements or a stylishly furnished office, we focus on customer satisfaction and safety.

We offer flexible and personalized tour itineraries. Tour itineraries can be based on our guest’s interests. We will offer some suggestions to make the guest can fulfill their wants and needs. But at the end, guests who will decide where they will going. The tours can be a half day, a full day to multi-days and can include overnight stays to all areas of Bali

However, we still offer the conventional common tours as we also understand that some of our customers who come to Bali prefer that kind of tour. Therefore, the best way to make an arrangements with us by sent an e-mail on our mailbox.

Traveler can write what they like and dislike to do or see while in Bali, also how many days they will be stay in Bali and use our service. Then we will come up with any suggested itinerary for the traveler which can be modified by travelers themselves if they want.

Best Deals come with Best service. We sure that the costumer already know the other tour's prices. We believe in Karma & we don't want to scam people to find a money For more information you can see the description in the ‘Tour & Activities’ Page.

We will show you what a great feeling of traveling. Make everything in safe, professional and friendly environment. We guarantee that you will have the best time of your life when traveling in Bali. Be part of the excitement & enjoy an unforgettable amazing local way experience on this beautiful Island of Bali.

Keep Calm & Traveling, Brah!

What People Says

Experience with Baliyok!

Louise Rose

Adventurous, fun and unique experience!


So patient and encouraging guide!


Justin is a great guy that will make you feel at home in Bali.

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Our Tour & Activities

Let explore all Bali's gem from the common tourist spot to non-touristy spot. Where the common tourist didn't know or another tour agent didn't bring you there, we will bring u there!

500K IDR

The Glorious Sunrise of Mount Batur Highland

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This is the new trekking route in Batur area which only locals who know this route, passing the jungle hill and the old Balinese villages before reach the top, whi...

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The Amazing West Side Of Nusa Penida Island

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Adding $150 in hospital bills, $30 in bike repairs and plenty of road rash, the cheap bike rental didn’t seem like such a good deal. Private drivers are avai...

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1000K IDR

The Perfect Trip 3 Days 2 Nights for West East and South Side of Nusa Penida Island

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Adding $150 in hospital bills, $30 in bike repairs and plenty of road rash, the cheap bike rental didn’t seem like such a good deal. Private drivers are avai...

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Upcoming Events

Explore, learn and discover the authentic Balinese cultural events with the local people. Expand your vision and feel the powerful energy of Balinese culture in every cultural events they held.

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